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Partners and friends, from all of us in the Global Learning Collective family, we hope you have been healthy, well, and finding enjoyment in these summer months.

Looking ahead at the approaching academic year, we are excited about the level of engagement our member organizations have been experiencing in the realm of virtual learning and exchange. Our teams are working closely with partner schools and faculty members to customize highly interactive virtual experiences, offering fully developed programs and itineraries in some cases, and in others, single workshops and activities that are integrated into a preexisting course.  Open enrollment opportunities, like Campus b's internship featured below, are also finding interest from students across campuses.

We seek to support our partners in the development of virtual and hybrid programs, offering students access to meaningful intercultural experiences while physical travel is limited, and beyond. The featured programs below offer a small glimpse at how Collective members are delivering on that intention.  We welcome conversations with any colleague about what is possible in the world of virtual intercultural learning.

We hope you enjoy these selected sample virtual programs from our member organizations. For more information or to request virtual examples based in other disciplines/locations, please contact our team.
From EDU Africa, the Identity & Social Transformation through Art online Virtual Exchange program allows students to intimately engage with socio-political responses across various art forms. Working closely with local artists and academics in the fields of street art, music, city design, and film, students will gain first-hand knowledge of the transformative and connective capacity of the arts, and how they shape our own culture and identity.
View EDU Africa sample program:
From The Asia Institute, the Business & Entrepreneurship Virtual Learning Program Mini-Course combines virtual lectures, excursions, company visits, and live workshops in a four-part series examining one of several course themes (i.e. 'Smart Cities', Smart Phone Supply, or Entrepreneurship).
View The Asia Institute sample program:
From CEPA, the Europe: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow eLearning course offers students a first-hand opportunity to interact with European Politics and Policy in the virtual space.  The customized modules combine expert lectures, company presentations, international exchange, and cultural learning to provide a meaningful, immersive, and engaging opportunity to learn about the European Union and its member states.
View CEPA sample program:
View CEPA Virtual Study Abroad catalog:
Campus B in partnership with Insper - Institute of Education and Research, is offering a team-based internship project in a structured online working format so students can continue to make progress toward their academic and professional goals, while also gaining a global perspective and developing interpersonal skills interacting with Insper students.  Interns will have the opportunity to work alongside Brazilian students and experienced professionals in renowned organizations. All interns will be placed within an organization working on actual projects, with a dedicated supervisor and a program coordinator based in Brazil for support during the 9 weeks of the program.
View Campus B's fall internship brochure:
Have questions, want to see other sample programs or inquire about virtual opportunities for your students?
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